STEP 1: Watch this short video for essential information on your call

STEP 1: Watch this short video for essential information on your call

STEP 1: Watch this short video for essential information on your call

STEP 2: After watching the video above, watch this bonus video below and learn how PMR can help you transition to a project manager in as early as 9 weeks

These Are Just Some Of Our Students Success Stories ...
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These Are Some Of The Origin Stories From Our Students ...

Further ...
These Are Some Of The Origin Stories
From Our Students ...

Further ...
These Are Some Of The Origin Stories From Our Students ...



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Frequently Asked Questions...

Two things. The first being that I am one of those individuals who’s built World’s #1 Project Management Platform with a guaranteed outcome for individuals to land jobs as project managers at the end of the training. Your not just learning theory but actually going through real projects end-to-end so you can with confidence do your job as a project manager tomorrow. Other trainers and education institutions are mostly teaching individuals to pass a PMP certificate or Scrum Master CSM certificate, not the actual knowledge and everything required to being able to land a job tomorrow and know what to do step-by-step. All is focused on theory, not the actual real-life practice.

Secondly, I developed a massive project management practice over the last 17 years by delivering projects well over $100MM. I don’t know how many others have done that but I assume it can’t be many. If you’re going to learn from someone, learn from someone’s experience.

Yes 100%. The training material follows PMI’s standards and beyond allowing you to earn 35PDU credits required in order to take the PMP Exam. No other training currently on the market offers what is offered here, I’ve made sure of that.

That is a valid question. I’m teaching you the same methods and strategies I personally use in my practice. If students so far have been able to become successful project managers and earn a high income, so can you. The question is are you ready?

Also we offer a guarantee that is unheard of. We’re willing to coach you until you hit your goal, meaning we stick with each of our student to make sure they become project managers with a job.

I completely understand, I was exactly where you are, though you have a huge advantage here because unlike myself years ago, you have me now that will help you every step of the way to get there. With interactive learning knowing what to do each step of the way and coming on weekly calls with me you’re guaranteed to succeed. In fact each one of the students has a guarantee from me that I am willing to coach them until they hit their goal. That is my dedication.

I’ve built my career on trust and hard work which reflects on my successful 17 years of experience in project management. I urge you to book a free strategy session with me to today no obligations, where we will discuss your current situation and build a winning strategy to achieve your goals.

Yes there are payment plans available.

If you’re interested in the payment plan option or have questions simply schedule the strategy call with me above and we’ll discuss it.

Everyone started somewhere, even myself. However in working with me you will gain the knowledge to be great at being a project manager. With access to so many resources such as 100+ Of Action-Based Video Training, Real-life Project Simulators, Weekly Live Coaching Calls With Me, and Done-For-You Project Templates we’ll make sure you’re ready.

In addition I will also sit down with you and package your resume effectively so you can start getting calls and land interviews.

Lastly for those without any experience, you will learn how to position yourself to companies that are looking for someone just like you.

There are a few ways…

1. The training is 17 years of my experience condensed into 100+ hours of pure video action based training. It took thousands of hours to create and perfect by going through years of research and having been tested by hundreds of individuals

2. Students get on top of the training access to 3-month weekly 2-hour Q&A sessions on Facebook Live with me as well as “Email Me For Questions”

I come out every week to connect with all of the students on Facebook Live and answer any questions related with the training or if they’re currently project managers in a company how to overcome challenges and problems

3. Transformational program which essentially teaches you how to master your own self and equip you to handle any complex life situations

This is the only training of its kind in the world that actually teaches you how to master your own self, your character/personality as well as how to master anyone else.

Project management is all about communication and building relationships and in order to become a successful and become a top earner and performer you have to stand out from everyone else. Book a free strategy call to find out about the process.

4. Real-Life Project Simulators

The best way to master project management is to learn through case studies. I’ve taken a much radical approach to that and created real-life project simulators where you actually learn everything you will use exactly at your job tomorrow even done-for-you templates

5. Mastering how to get calls from recruiters/HR etc. and land opportunities

I’ve done over 400+ interviews in my career and have perfected how to create a winning resume and close at interviews. You’ll learn all of the tools, and techniques I use to current date as well as share with you all of my templates

No, not at all I barely even graduated. Becoming a successful project manager is all about hands-on experience which you can’t pick-up by reading books, attending seminars, obtaining certificates or degrees. You will instead learn everything along side with me step-by-step just as it is in real practice preparing you at the end to land serious opportunities.

This question comes up quite often. Many professionals seek to obtain PMP/CSM Certification in order to jump into the industry. Majority of them find it challenging to actually land project management opportunities and manage projects because no actual real training has been provided. This is where I come in and bridge that gap by working closely with you using my proven methods and techniques.

There are existing PMP and CSM certification holders which found immensely beneficial to work with me, and have had much success. 

No. If you can’t bet on yourself I wouldn’t bet on you either.

Success is achievable for anyone but it does come with sacrifice. If I allowed that I would be doing you a great disservice.

It’s laid out in a fashion that even a beginner will understand and be in a position to land interviews by week 12 if he/she follows my lead. If you are an experienced project manager managing multi-million dollar project you’ll still benefit tremendously

Definitely, project management is a profession which is on high demand globally. The only reason I have more students in USA and Canada is because I live there so price points, time schedules, and languages are all similiar.

I have clients all over the world including Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, South America, New Zealand, and more.

Absolutely. I go live in the facebook group weekly and comb through any questions you may have that I answer directly.